I would not necessarily recommend this and have no intention of trying it myself, but it might interest some aspiring experimental archaeologist turned brewer.

Ants may be able to evaluate their own memories, according to an article to which I was pointed recently. Perhaps they should be credited with greater intelligence than we have accorded them, traditionally.

Free will puzzle

If free will is as illusory as some suggest here - - how do the philosophers concerned suggest that students might choose not to study the issue?


I’ve spent the day in a mindset of considerable annoyance over a mid-contract price rise on my broadband, and have finally signed up for a new supplier offering considerably faster speeds (moving to fibre for c. £12.00 a month less than I would be paying otherwise.

Tomorrow, however, I have a day off work, and may well be in the garden. Though there is a limit to what I can do until our garden waste bins are collected on Thursday (first collection of the season).

Kids! Even when they grow up they cause chaos. The crash from the kitchen about 10 minutes back was my son pulling out the hood above the hob to get the extractor fan going - and completely removing it from its hinges in the process. Ho hum...

Wood carvings

One is a Welsh lovespoon, historically a gift from a male to the object of his affections.

The other is a carving of owls and a cat in a tree, obtained from a market in Zakopane, Poland. The owls have eyes created by shallow drill holes with deeper drill holes in the centre - the result is that the eyes follow you as you walk past the item.

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