I forgot to mention that over the weekend, the Hieronymous Bosch tarot arrived. Here it is!

@fey Not into Tarot myself, but I've heard people talk about differences in how they perceive different decks, perceiving some to others. I'm curious - given that the imagery and significance is, presumably, common to all, does the artwork make that much difference?

@Ellinas so the tldr version on this particular deck is that it's not actually the same imagery or significances! The designer changed some of the Major Arcana to slightly altered versions of things & the Minor Arcana uses mostly new suits plus MORE suits (& only face cards, no numbers).

@Ellinas beyond that, I'll also say that the significances are often considered to be the same across most decks if they draw any inspiration from 19th c. esoterica; but depending on the imagery, it can be easier or harder to interpret a given card's significance just by looking at it. I think some decks are better than others at conveying what you're meant to see in the cards without having to open up the deck's guide book.

@Ellinas & to that end, because I fail to connect with a lot of the imagery & also the significances themselves in most standard decks, eventually I'm going to design myself my own deck to use how I want.


@fey Thanks for the response - had intended to respond earlier but had an issue with dodgy broadband earlier in the week (largely down to other family members hogging bandwidth...)
I suppose it comes down to "whatever speaks to you" - which is true of any imagery.

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