Wood carvings

One is a Welsh lovespoon, historically a gift from a male to the object of his affections.

The other is a carving of owls and a cat in a tree, obtained from a market in Zakopane, Poland. The owls have eyes created by shallow drill holes with deeper drill holes in the centre - the result is that the eyes follow you as you walk past the item.

Signs of Spring

Crocus in the local park, mini-daffodils in the garden (demonstrating what you can do with an old birdbath that is past its bird-bathing days).

Monday to Friday I usually have a morning bicycle ride. Friday was quite excruciatingly cold - by the time I got back, my fingers were too cold and numb to unfasten my helmet. Took these pictures along the side of the local river.

This was a very windy day, a couple of months back. British Camp, Malvern - an ancient hill fort.

This is also an experiment in what happens if I try to upload more than one photo.

An experiment to see how pictures work here. This is the triffid that inhabits the kitchen window sill...

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