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Wood carvings

One is a Welsh lovespoon, historically a gift from a male to the object of his affections.

The other is a carving of owls and a cat in a tree, obtained from a market in Zakopane, Poland. The owls have eyes created by shallow drill holes with deeper drill holes in the centre - the result is that the eyes follow you as you walk past the item.

Signs of Spring

Crocus in the local park, mini-daffodils in the garden (demonstrating what you can do with an old birdbath that is past its bird-bathing days).

Self awareness??

My question - how can we say what “self awareness” might exist when we have no way of knowing how other creatures think. Of one thing I am reasonably sure - a lot of species are cleverer than we credit.

Oh the indignity... A Christmas card from a neighbour was pushed through the door last night. Inside it was expressly to my wife and son by name, but referred to me as "Hubby" with the words in brackets "Can't remember hubby's name".

Having said that, I quite like being anonymous...

@fey Thanks for the response - had intended to respond earlier but had an issue with dodgy broadband earlier in the week (largely down to other family members hogging bandwidth...)
I suppose it comes down to "whatever speaks to you" - which is true of any imagery.

Monday to Friday I usually have a morning bicycle ride. Friday was quite excruciatingly cold - by the time I got back, my fingers were too cold and numb to unfasten my helmet. Took these pictures along the side of the local river.

@fey Not into Tarot myself, but I've heard people talk about differences in how they perceive different decks, perceiving some to others. I'm curious - given that the imagery and significance is, presumably, common to all, does the artwork make that much difference?

This was a very windy day, a couple of months back. British Camp, Malvern - an ancient hill fort.

This is also an experiment in what happens if I try to upload more than one photo.

@stonehugger No, I don't find it particularly intuitive either. Probably just a matter of getting used to it.

I’ve been wondering about a question raised elsewhere - is "melancholy" more poetic than "sadness"? The concepts are not the same, but what is the difference?

I suppose I would tend to see melancholy as an innate trait and outlook, whilst sadness is more a reaction to circumstances. Which is the more poetic? Depends on the poem.

@davkin You re-wrote the Green Cross Code? Actually - does that still exist...???

@stonehugger You are boosted and favourited, but no idea what that actually means... 🤔

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@Ellinas I would click "like" but maybe there isn't that option.

@stonehugger I think the nearest is "favourite" (the star). I'll try favouriting your reply, and see what happens. And what does the "boost" do? I'll try that as well.

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