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Oh the indignity... A Christmas card from a neighbour was pushed through the door last night. Inside it was expressly to my wife and son by name, but referred to me as "Hubby" with the words in brackets "Can't remember hubby's name".

Having said that, I quite like being anonymous...

Monday to Friday I usually have a morning bicycle ride. Friday was quite excruciatingly cold - by the time I got back, my fingers were too cold and numb to unfasten my helmet. Took these pictures along the side of the local river.

This was a very windy day, a couple of months back. British Camp, Malvern - an ancient hill fort.

This is also an experiment in what happens if I try to upload more than one photo.

I’ve been wondering about a question raised elsewhere - is "melancholy" more poetic than "sadness"? The concepts are not the same, but what is the difference?

I suppose I would tend to see melancholy as an innate trait and outlook, whilst sadness is more a reaction to circumstances. Which is the more poetic? Depends on the poem.

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An experiment to see how pictures work here. This is the triffid that inhabits the kitchen window sill...

This is going to take a bit of getting used to...

Ooh - we have smileys.

About 5 UKP regulars around here, by my calculation, unless anyone is using alternative usernames.

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