We have seen an influx of spammers, or otherwise bad accounts signing up, so I have turned on approval for new accounts.

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@deebs What's the general feel about whether this experiment is worth the effort?

I get the impression the UKP contingent is not really using this. Not that there are that many of us active in any event

@Ellinas General feeling, it's not being used, and may not be worth maintaining. The experiment continues for now at least.

@deebs I must admit, I don't find this the easiest platform to use. I don't know if the character limit encourages a lack of depth. Never done Twitter, but I have heard similar comments about that. Then again, my limited social media use suggests it takes time and some effort to get anything useful out of it, and I've not been mooching round here that long...

@deebs For some reason, my Home and Federated tabs are all showing nothing after 03/04/2021. Is that something my end or with the server?

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